In order to take advantage of the new features and latest security improvements brought by the Ledger firmware 1.4, we strongly recommend our users to update their Nano S.  Note that this update could take up to 15mn.

To know which firmware your Nano S runs, check it by opening the "Settings" on the Nano S itself: Settings > Device > Firmware (if your device is new, as in not configured, power it on while pressing the right button for 5 seconds. It will go in recovery mode and give you access to the dashboard, and settings)

Please be advised that any cryptocurrency applications you have previously installed on your Nano S will have to be re-installed following the update of your device. This has no impact on your cryptocurrency accounts: you’ll retrieve your balances as soon as the apps are re-installed. As a reminder, uninstalling an app does not impact your coin account, nor does it impact your seed.

Updating the firmware of the Nano S won't wipe your seed. However, make sure your 24 recovery words are properly backed-up and accessible.

Warning: if you have an older version of the firmware (<1.3) then your Nano S will be reset during the update, and you'll have to use your 24 words to restore your wallet after you have upgraded to 1.4.1.

In any case, if you have further questions, consult the "most frequently asked questions" article about the Nano S update.


Firmare 1.4 update step by step instructions

Please follow these instructions very carefully.


Step 1

Launch the Ledger Manager (available here) on your PC/MAC, and connect your Ledger Nano S to your computer.


If your device is new (not configured with a seed), then press the right button (the one far away from the USB connector, closer to the hole) while plug in the cable. Maintain the button pressed for 5 seconds until you see "Recovery". Release the button, and you will go to the dashboard.


If your device is already configured (you are using it already), then plug in the device normally and enter your PIN code.



Step 2

Let the Ledger Manager synchronize with your wallet, and wait for the dashboard to appear on your Nano S



Step 3

Click on the firmware menu on the Ledger Manager application (top left corner)


Then, click on the green arrow on the “Firmware Version 1.4.1” line


Click on the green “Install” button


Confirm “Allow Ledger manager” on your Nano S by pressing the right button


Your Ledger Manager application should show an installation screen


You may get the following error, “Unable to install OS updater”


If you get this error message, please uninstall all your applications from your Nano S, and restart the update procedure. Removing an application will not wipe the funds. This is a safe operation (the application is just a tool to sign transactions and doesn't hold any private key).


Step 4

Wait for the “Update firmware” message to be displayed on your Ledger Nano S with several information checkpoints 


The firmware version number will be displayed on your device. Check the version number and make sure you’re installing Firmware version 1.4.1


Check the update identifier on your Ledger Nano S. It must match the update identifier displayed at the bottom of your Ledger Manager screen


Then click on the right button on your Nano S, and wait for the PIN code prompt to show on your Nano S.


Type in your PIN code on your Ledger Nano S



Step 5

Your Ledger Nano S will then display the following message: “MCU firmware is outdated”


Your Ledger Manager screen should look like this


Unplug and replug your Ledger Nano S while holding the left button, “Bootloader” should be displayed on your device’s screen


Meanwhile,  the Ledger Manager should show the “Restoring MCU” message


During the MCU update, your Ledger Nano S should display “Update”, then “Processing”, while your Ledger Manager application should display “Installing Firmware, please wait, this might take a few moments”


If for some reason your Nano S stay stuck displaying "Update", and the Ledger Manager does not show the message "Installing firmware" but the default page "To begin, connect your Ledger Wallet", so:

  • first wait 5 minutes until the "installing firmware" message prompts,
    and if it does not:
    • quit and launch again the Ledger Manager
    • disconnect your Nano S,
    • connect the Nano S again and unlock it by entering your PIN code

The process should start again. If you are still having issues, please refer to our FAQ.


Wait for the “PIN code” message to show on your Ledger Nano S. Then, type in your pin code



Step 6

Once you’ve typed in your pin code, check that the installation proceeded without errors on your device, by going to the “Settings” tab


Press both buttons to open the tab. Then, go to the “Device” menu


Press both buttons to open the tab. Then, go to “Firmware” tab


Press both button to open tab and check that “Secure Element” version is 1.4.1


Click on the right button, and check that “MCU” version is 1.5 (screenshots below shows 1.4 but you should see 1.5)



Step 7

Your device is now ready and up-to-date. You can then install or re-install your own applications and use your Nano S.

Go to to the Applications tab on the Manager, and for each app you wish to install click on the green bottom arrow icon. If the application installation fails, please try first to disconnect your device and reconnect it.

The firmware 1.4.1 requires the installation of the Bitcoin application as a pre-requisite for most of the other cryptocurrency apps (the Bitcoin app acts as a shared library). We therefore encourage you to install the Bitcoin app even if you do not use this cryptocurrency.

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